Arising From the Want Of

Third part in the wing!fic series.* Follows Day Grows Slowly and Without Color or Sound.

Without Color or Sound

The tour’s right after the competition, and then they absolutely have to finish their albums, and then neither of them’s as busy but they’re never free at the exact same time, so the end result is they don’t get out

Day Grows Slowly

Kris and Adam are undercover guardian angels charged with watching over Allison through her time on AI, but neither know about the other. OR, you know, any other excuse you can come up with for them both to have huge,

Feathers Everywhere But It’s Fine

Mike is an angry 17 year old who’s been exiled from home for the summer while his parents finalize their divorce. Shipped off to William’s place, he’s startled to find that William has somehow found himself a shifty older boy

A Blue Ribbon on My Brain

Frank always feels the clumsiest when he’s doing this, touching Gerard like this. He runs sweaty fingers down Gerard’s spine, tracing slender muscles, scratching with blunt nails, lip sore between teeth and shallow breathing.*