Michael finds out he’s not quite who or what he thinks he is.* Sequel to Masques.


Michael is acting strangely, even for him. Maria needs a distraction. Chaos ensues…*

Care and Feeding

The cat tipped its head back and looked up. “Sam, is that you?” There was a moment, and then the cat nodded slowly, up and down. A clear gesture, “Sam, you cut that out right now. It’s not funny.”*

If It Wasn’t For You Meddling Kids

Jared is one of the leads of the new TV show Supernatural, but under the cover of darkness he is Shadow, a costumed superhero in dark blue spadex who prowls the streets fighting crime and saving people. The move to

I Put a Spell On You (Because You’re Mine)

Sam wakes up at 5:08 AM to a weird tapping against his back. He blinks slowly at the numbers on the alarm clock and tries to add up in his head how much longer he has to sleep. The alarm

Rubber Ducky (You’re the One)

Turning into a bright red rubber duck isn’t top on Dean’s list of “Oh Shit, I Would Give Anything For This Not to Have Happened” Things, but it’s definitely number two. Well, okay, maybe number three.*

How Did I Get Here?

Spencer’s day started with high-pitched screaming, and went downhill from there.*

The Cup of Silence

On the first day of the fall semester, J.D. Russell discovered his teaching assistant salary was less than advertised, his counterpoint professor was either habitually stoned or mentally ill, not sure which, and his car had just suffered some kind

Childish Things

Dean’s little brother is suddenly kinda… little.*

Give or Take the Subject or the Verb

Dean and Sam have to explore their feelings in order to solve the case.*


“I want something that can’t be supplied by the world. Fina, create for me the perfect companion.” “Perfect, Mr. Maxwell? Perfection, specify.” “Create someone that does not bore me, go beyond the boundaries.”*

Ray and His Thinking/Feeling/Wanting Cock

A while back somebody somewhere was bitching about sentient cocks in fanfic. And, for some reason, that made me want to write about Ray Kowalski’s sentient cock, or, failing that, just write a story where I talked about his cock

Jared and Dean’s Adventures in Monster-killin’, Sam-retrievin’, and Sexual Confusion

Jared could play along with this. He could pretend to be Sam. No problem, he did that all the time.*

Horses of Different Colors

Lundy has a secret which he fears could destroy his relationship with LaFiamma. What happens when he’s forced to reveal it?*

Many Worlds

“Leave me alone, Jared,” he slurs. The headache, thank fuck, is relaxing its vicious band around his temples, and he can think again. A little bit. “And stop calling me Dean.”*

Under a Haystack

Something really bad has happened and Sam has no idea how to fix it.*

Big Science

Mikey’s a crime scientist, solving crimes and sneaking down to the morgue for coffee breaks. His brother’s living in his spare room, his partner thinks Mikey’s trying to get the promotion he deserves, and Mikey’s just looking for answers.*