Someone To Run To

A girl!Harry/Snape Story in four parts. When Harry follows Sirius into the veil in a fit of despair, what changes will fate have to make to keep him (or, rather her?) from suffering the same fate twice? (Reading this once

Teenage Dream

“That,” says Tony, tone unmistakably smug despite his split lip, “is Captain America. Who, by the way, happens to be my godfather.”*

Marry Into the Family

Lex sips at his spoon and thinks, it’s amazing how chicken and corn soup can change a person. He’s born again, baptised with aromatic amber, seeing the world with gleaming clarity and a hint of coriander.*

Series || A Kept Boy

A Kept Boy is an RPS AU involving slavery, abuse (adult and child) in all forms (verbal, physical, mental), inequalities of power, and dark, adult concepts regarding same. At heart, it’s a love story, but it goes through some bad,

Truly, Madly, Deeply

He’d offered to be a mentor, but he hadn’t really thought that through at the time. Now he’s accidentally outed Kris and he’s pretty sure the only way to make it up to him is to take him under his

We’l Lie in the Shadows of Them All

Kirk and Spock are sent on a suspicious mission to obtain a local plant from an unfamiliar planet. When things go wrong, Spock is forced to meld with Kirk. The consequences of that meld will change everything.*


A new home for the Vulcan people has been found, but it is a planet owned by the Cerberus Corporation, a shadowy organization run by a man, Damascus Raine, whose advances James T. Kirk rejected when only a teen. In

This Corner of the World

Himura Kenshin’s idyllic existence as a high-school guidance counselor is turned upside down when his past comes back for him, along with a problem student who insists on being part of his life.*

Helping Hands

Dean thinks Sam needs a little bit of a learning curve.*

The Last Good Thing About This Town

Fresh out of college, Pete Wentz is Patrick’s new government teacher. That would be fine except they’re still Pete and Patrick.*

The Memoirs

What would have happened if Clark was more in touch with his alien side?*

The Interfacing Series

After Heero’s self-destruction in Siberia, two young men meet, first in an online chatroom, and then in person at a hotel in Cairo…*

Your Eyes Are Open

Sam needs Dean from a very young age. Dean maybe needs Sam too.*

Just Another Lovers’ Game

Sam becomes obsessed with a song. This leads to an obsession with Dean.*

Boys Will Be Boys

What does a boy do when he decides that he wants to have sex with his older brother? Research!* I seriously feel a little bit dirty reccing this since it’s blatantly underage… but mrrr.

The Changer

Harry Potter has been missing since he was eight. Now, seven years later, Severus Snape has a one night stand that just doesn’t seem to end. How long will they be able to keep their secrets?*

Wuthering Heights and Stormy Nights

When Bry thought about her post-touring future, she always imagined herself crusading for truth, justice, and girls in the music scene. She’d picture herself managing female artists and female bands because that was where her passion lay, showing that girls

The Uncharted Sea

Gaslights burned steadily along the street, lighting patches of overnight fog a sickly yellow-brown. A few streets over the music halls and bars were roaring. Business was just drunk and rowdy enough to be spilling into the streets, but hadn’t

The Girl at the Rock Show

High school sucks, parents suck. Frankie is a 15 year old punk rock chick who pretty much hates her life. Her parents are always fighting, her mom is a bitch, she is not really popular. Then, she meets Gerard, a

Everyday Mysteries In the Summertime

It’s two thirty in the afternoon. A fly buzzes eagerly around the counter, the only living thing that isn’t drooping listlessly in the heat. It’s only June but the summer’s already gearing up for the kill, probably smelling blood in


An AU a la the movie Bedazzled. Patrick is a bored high school student who just wants someone to take him away from all this bullshit. Pete is the Devil, AKA Lucifer, AKA Beelzebub, AKA big trouble, who just wants…


Bob says, “That was a pretty tight set you played there, man.”*

Heart’s Desire Series

Sometimes a dream isn’t just a dream. Sometimes it’s a second chance.*


Takes place a year or two after the end of the game… Some things change, some things remain the same. First in the Sands of Time series.*

Nights of the Living Dead

Bob’s just moved from Chicago to Jersey, leaving behind his drumset, his friends, and more importantly, himself. It feels like a new beginning when he steps into his high school and into the arms of a new group of friends.

Things My Brother Taught Me

Wincest, implied violence, various kinks, strong language, moderately defused wit, waterlogged hell beasties, hot boys with stupid haircuts and straight people necking on television. Yeah. Scary. But, seriously-don’t read this story if you are at all offended by incest between