Series || Beholder

Jared was passionate about the work he did with the animal shelter. Between that and living with Sandy, life was satisfactory. Until the cold night that the filthy, homeless man hidden in an oversized hoodie was dumped at the shelter

Whisht! Lads, Shut Your Mouths

Brad kills a dragon and woos a prince. Ray “helps”.*

Part of Your World

Tom dreams of that one perfect voice to compliment the music in his head. Bill dreams of a life out of the watery depths. A Retelling of The Little Mermaid*

The Seventh Swan

Young Tony, the crowned prince of the Kingdom of Fidelis, has everything he could ever want. Then the sorcerer Ari takes it all away. Now, on the run and suffering under the worst curse black magic has to offer, can

Asbestos Gelos

All they saw were his wide violet eyes – violet. That was the only visible sign that he was not fully human.*

Some Kind of Magic

Mike doesn’t know what to make of the scene in his backyard.*

Diamond in the Rough

Based on the Long-Nosed Princess. A little schmoopy, but still. Can’t help it.

Close Enough For True

If you wanted to, if you were so inclined, you could place the blame squarely on William – in fact, William himself would be eager to accept it, if only because the story ended so well – but in the

And I Dream of What I Need

When one is the male princess of a magical kingdom, few things come as a surprise anymore. Princess Gerard Way of the kingdom of Belleville sets out on a quest to fulfill a prophecy and encounters dragons, climbs mountains, runs

Little Red Hoodie Sam

Um, cracked version of Little Red Riding Hood.

‘Til the Morning Light

When the Princess of Belleville enters the rooms meant as workplaces for the Prince of Belleville, he finds his husband — likely one of the strongest sorcerers in the land, the second (or third, depending on who you ask) most

The Wolf Prince

Handsome prince, check; young person bearing up alone under circumstances, check; man and woman — waaaait a minute.*

With the Moon In His Arms

Pete is a mermaid who saves Patrick’s life.* You’ll need to scroll down a bit for this one. There isn’t currently a master page for this.

An Emergency of the Heart

Gerard is dreaming. He knows he’s dreaming, but that doesn’t mean he’s not enjoying himself.*

Gerard and Rapunzel

Fairytale genderfuck. He is Gerard, and she is also Rapunzel.*