The Art of Overcoming Obstacles

“Not tonight.” Aya avoided Yoji’s outstretched fingers, but only marginally, the ghost of the touch making his skin pimple a little. But perhaps that was from the cool air of the bedroom and just having come from the warmth of

The Other Side

What would happen if members of Weiss had powers?*

New World Order

They had defeated the evil, and earned their right to happily ever after. But no matter how much one may wish it, the things that lurk in the darkness rarely stay quietly in the shadows, and the evils and actions


Yohji had a thumping head, a ringing in his ears, and the nagging feeling that something was wrong.* From the Wild series.

Walking On Hell

Aya closed long fingers around his erection with a sigh; his eyes fluttered closed.*


Fujimaya Aya hunkered down on one knee on the flat roof of the outbuilding, and waited.* First in the Ronin series.

Chocolate and Kitty-Chan

“I swear I never want to go to another nightclub ever again.”* From the Ronin series.

Sweet Thunder

Yohji felt Ran’s lips flutter softly over the length of his cock, and knew he was the luckiest man alive.* From the Ronin series.


Yohji nuzzled his head into Ran’s lap, his eyes fluttering closed with pleasure as Ran’s fingers threaded through his hair.* From the Ronin series.


Aya sacrifices his honor and his happiness for his sister. But salvation may lie with a handsome, embittered man who has lost everything.*

The Violet Eyes Storyline

Weiss has to find a psychopath before he strikes again.*

The Shadows Series

A fantasy AU, introducing the world of bounds, the most frightening of them being the kage.*

More Than Good

Pain. Pain lived in him, sharp, and bright, and clawing.*


Aya had half-buckled his coat and was on his way out of the door of the mobile flower shop when a movement in the dark caught his eye.* From the Wild series.


“It’s gone quiet back there at least.”* From the Wild series.


“Ken, you need help. This isn’t an option.”* From the Wild series.


Ken leaned against the door to Crawford’s office, his heart thudding in his chest.* From the Wild series.


Ken sat on his hands and locked his arms rigid, shoulders almost brushing his ears. He glared at the table in front of him. A pile of photographs lay there, one on top of the other, ordinary, everyday things. The


“If only he would let me. If only I could talk to him!” Omi lifted his face, his eyes huge puddles of tears.* From the Wild series.


Aya gazed out of the window, barely hiding his irritation from the customer he was wrapping flowers for. He took her money with a forced smile that flashed on and off his face so fast she would have missed it


“Just one drawer would do, maybe a bit of space on the bookshelf. There’s no need to make such a fuss, Yohji.”* From the Bonding series.


Aya watched the door swing open, and hid the smile that threatened to spread across his face.* From the Bonding series.


Aya felt unaccountably nervous. He hadn’t bought presents for anyone except Aya-chan for a long time. And never for a lover.* From the Bonding series.

Indigo Sheets

It had been a long night, and all Yohji wanted to do was collapse into his wide, soft bed and sleep.* Follows More Than Good.


Yohji was on the corner across the street when he heard the low, annoyed shout of “Buy something or LEAVE!” echo out from inside the flower shop.*

White Desires

They had brought his into a vast echoing space, dimly lit by a single obscured bulb so that the small pool of light fell only around the doorway.*


Yohji was just about to take a sip of his first drink of the night when Aya slammed out of the tiny bathroom on the far side of the trailer, utterly naked except for a disheveled yukata sticking awkwardly to

Mending Fences

Sequel to Shadow Games, taking place the very morning after the end of the last story.*

To Bury the Hurt of Memory

A dark, serious Aya/Yohji fic. Yohji gets into an accident and suffers traumatic amnesia. I cried. A lot.

The Shadows Series

A fantasy AU, introducing the world of bounds, the most frightening of them being the kage.* I’ve linked to the yahoo group as the author does not maintain a website or have fic archived anywhere else.