Alive After Dark

The Queen chose a much more ideal vampire to watch over Sookie. She sent Eric, not Bill. Sookie’s view of Eric wasn’t marred by what Bill did. Come see what happens when common sense prevails.*

Life & Death

The continuation of Saints & Sinners… Now that Eric and Sookie have gotten to know each other, it’s time to move on.*

Saints & Sinners

All Human story… Eric Northman comes to Bon Temps to speak to Corbett Stackhouse and finds Sookie first.*

Dying Series

Sookie and Bill are in Dallas trying to save Godric, but what happens if he does live? When Sookie finds out that Bill may be with her for other reasons than love, who will she turn to to help her

We Who Are Alive and Remain

Terrified by changes she witnesses in herself, Sookie hides from the world and everyone in it. When Eric finds out her secret, she will either find that he is worthy of her trust-or she’ll be dead.*

As It Was Made To Be

Set in Chicago, two nerd virgins with tattoos meet in a tattoo shop by chance and sparks fly. How long will they stay virgins now that their paths have crossed?*

Death Eatin’ a Cracker

Sookie gets a career offer she can’t refuse.*

Know Thyself

Sookie gets a visit from a Viking and the night goes terribly awry!*

You Get Your Life Back

Some days it’s hard to feel good about the vampire rights movement, but one thing’s for sure: the vampires sure saved radio. The middle of the night used to be total dead time. Now the vampires play good music, and

Series || Old Metal (Blood, Memory, and Rubber Ducks)

Erik is a vampire. Sookie Charles is a telepath. Any questions? A X-Men: First Class/Southern Vampire Mysteries Fusion.*