Of Light

The Emerald must be returned to its Guardian, and DG is left behind. But when a generations-old threat resurfaces, DG must gather more than courage to save her sister, and find Wyatt Cain.*

When Her World Didn’t Stop

Companion piece to After His World Stopped. Cain and DG learn to work as a team to help the O.Z.*

After His World Stopped

Cain and DG come to terms with their new lives after the eclipse.*

If Things Were Different

What would have happened if DG had never heard the witch? What if she had grown up in the Outer Zone knowing who she was and what she was supposed to be? Would it be what her family expected or


She really needed to put a better lock on her door because Cain was definitely violating her personal space. Then again, knowing him, he’d shoot the lock off and then where would she be? Probably in a room that had

Gentle Not the Heart

A year after the eclipse, DG and Cain surrendered to their feelings. Everything was bliss until DG was called upon to help secure an heir for a neighboring country. Cain, unable to bear the loss of his princess, leaves to


Everyone thought DG would be the perfect Queen of the O.Z. She wished she had their confidence. Series of stories chronicling DG’s reign… and all the problems therein.*

Heart of Gold, Heart of Tin

Series of ficlets on what could have been.*


It was perfectly obvious to everyone else.*

Better or Worse

Even after a year and a half, it still felt odd being back in Kansas. This story follows DG through situations that vary from good to bad. You’ll have to read to find out more.*

Stand My Ground

A continuation of where Tin Man left us all hanging.*

Making Memories of Us

The Witch was dead. They all should have lived happily ever after, but sadly, they were smack dab in the middle of OZ’s version of real life.*

A Delicate Situation

When DG passes out after the eclipse, everybody just chalks it up to the big let down after the final battle. Unfortunately for DG, she finds out soon enough the cause is much more serious. She’s pregnant. Upon telling her


For a Princess and a Tin Man, the most important adventure to come may lie in discovering where their hearts truly belong.*

With Music

DG is never getting married, ever, which suits Wyatt Cain very well, since he will deny his feelings for her until his dying breath. But Ahamo and Lurline have other plans.*

Marching on Antietam

In a post-Eclipse O.Z., they were a long way from happily ever after.*


At a ball held to honor the heroes of the double eclipse, Cain receives the most important appointment of his life: to protect and defend the princesses of the O.Z.*

The Good Witch

The witch is gone, but that doesn’t mean the war is over. No happily ever after in sight.*

If It’s Worth Saving Me

With the eclipse behind them DG finds that life as a Princess isn’t all the fairytales made it out to be. Weighed down by rules, duty and loneliness, can the unlikely friendship of a certain Tin man make her feel

Until the Fall

Sequel to “Of Light”. After an annual of living in the O.Z., DG and Cain set out to complete the task given to her by the Gale. Soon, she must learn that there is always more to everything than first

Holed Up

They weren’t supposed to get stuck out here. Of course, he wasn’t supposed to get shot either. At least they were good at making the best of things.*

The Consort

Before she becomes Queen, DG reluctantly asks her most trusted friend, Wyatt Cain, to be her Consort. When Cain must leave on a dangerous mission, DG realizes that she’s fallen in love with her husband, and he with her, but

Oestrus Perturbatio

Saving a child and the O.Z. has unexpected consequences.*


Picks up immediately after the mini-series ends. What I think happens next.*

Saying Goodbye

He didn’t know why she couldn’t say goodbye.*