Would You Believe Me (if I said I didn’t need you)

Marengo Tower was the Tower for wayward Talents, those who had been sent to the edge of the galaxy to rot. It was a punishment duty, though of course no-one ever called it that. So how on Earth or off

Trust Me

The Jonas Brothers on Warped, but it wasn’t their idea.* YOU GUYS SERIOUSLY. I don’t even know who these Jonas Brother people are. HOW THE HELL AM I SO ATTACHED ALREADY?

The Perfect Man

Joe refuses to be charmed. Joe’s neighbor is some sort of drunkard or druggie, okay, and he smells like wood varnish and burnt hair and Joe really, really hopes he doesn’t have an explosive meth lab set up in his

Mostly Products Created By Nature

Bob Bryar is not dreamy. Bob Bryar looks like the kind of guy who could fuck you up in a back alley, but doesn’t care enough about you to actually do it. Greta has had the most inconvenient crush on

Feels Like: You Don’t Have a Body

In a wold where werewolves, vampires, and humans live together in shaky and relative peace, Spencer finds a boy on the side of the road, naked, bruised, and sporting vampire bites. Stopping to save him might just be the dumbest