And Never the Twain Shall Meet

What will the boys’ lives be like once the war is over? What are they like now that they’re all grown up? What are they going to do with themselves? Who the heck is Kailyn? What better way to find

And I Have Touched the Sky

Eleven years after the end of the war, Heero returns to L2 to visit Duo with an unbelievable secret, but what he finds there changes everything.*


A serial killer is on the loose in the city, and its up to Detective Yuy and Detective Chang to catch him before he strikes again. Can they find him with the help of local psychic Duo Maxwell?*

The Interfacing Series

After Heero’s self-destruction in Siberia, two young men meet, first in an online chatroom, and then in person at a hotel in Cairo…*

Changing Allegiance

Suspend all disbelief! This is a ‘what if Treize was misguided, not really a bad guy’ thing.*

Prom Planning

Duo learns the downside of being junior class president the same day he is stuck in a triangle with his best friend.*

Bonds of Love

Denied his betrothed and deemed a traitor to the crown, Heero is sent into hiding and thought to be dead. But he comes back to claim his bride, only instead of the sweet maiden he expected, he finds his hands

Falling Sideways

Methinks they doth protest too much.*


Heero is a reclusive author, Duo runs the bookstore on the ground floor of his apartment building, and they take their own sweet time getting together.*

Trial and Error

Heero Yuy’s mission planner: Date AC199. Mission objective: Finding compatible mates for Gundam Pilots 2, 3, 4, and 5. Timeframe: undefined. Difficulty: Moderate, despite lack of personal information on the subject of romantic affection. How hard can it be to

Endless Summer

Heero and Duo in Hawaii. Surfing.*

Asbestos Gelos

All they saw were his wide violet eyes – violet. That was the only visible sign that he was not fully human.*

Coffee Shop Encounters

How different would the G-boys lives be if they were never soliders and met up in college?*

You’re Making Me High

Duo and Zechs take a break.* Sequel to First Night Out of Sanc.

The Mysterious Affair at the Victoria

Duo investigates a case involving a woman known as the “Worm’s Mistress.”*


A modern fairytale of Heero Yuy, a builder, struggling to make a living, and for custody of his five young, orphaned nephews. When rich tourist Duo Maxwell sails into Darke’s Cove, he is the answer to all of Heero’s prayers.

Truth or Dare

When Relena instigates a ruthless game to break Heero and Duo up, her plans work better than she’d hoped. Is Heero ready to change his ways in order to keep Duo?*

Warped Mirrors

A self-insert collaboration with the assistance and appearance of Jay, Dan, Asuka, and more as they appear.*


Duo’s got some different beliefs going on… and what he sees can change the pilots’ lives… forever.*

Demon of Justice

After the war, Wufei is transported to another dimension.*

Mission: Arcadia and Beyond

Heero and Duo are taken to an alternate dimension to fight for a new cause.*


“I want something that can’t be supplied by the world. Fina, create for me the perfect companion.” “Perfect, Mr. Maxwell? Perfection, specify.” “Create someone that does not bore me, go beyond the boundaries.”*

The Road Trip Series

Re-entry. It’s always the part I hate the most. It’s when you’re the most vulnerable.*

The Beginning’s End

In the face of bitter betrayal and confused passion, they found each other.*

I Know Who I Want

In the face of bitter betrayal and confused passion, they found each other. Now, among the anger and jealousy of others who resent their love, can they remember what drew them together in the first place? Can they remember –