A Boy Named Sue

After Objects In Space, Jayne’s plans to get rid of the moonbrained girl ends in many an unexpected consequence.*

Make Me Believe

When a job goes bad, Simon discovers that there is a power in the ‘verse that can stop Kaylee from being cheerful.*

By Any Means

Simon thrust the needle into the man’s arm. The young man would not remember anything that had happened in the last six hours.*

Terms of Surrender

Continuation of a theme.* Sequel to Army of One.

Army of One

The first two meetins didn’t work, but what about the third?* Sequel to Ship of Fools.

Ship of Fools

A second meeting.* Sequel to Company of Strangers.

Company of Strangers

A different meeting. The first fic in a small series. It’s hard to resist.*


Mal has an option about Simon that he is asked to prove.* This is just barely over the “too schmoopy!” line for me, but the sex is too hot to not share.

Dangerous Cargo

Mal takes on some new cargo that proves as troublesome as Simon and River.*

How I Soar

AU, branching off near the ending of the BDM, so potentially spoilerish if you haven’t seen it.*

Crazy’s Rescue Mission

When River has to rescue some of the crew, a secret she’s been hiding comes out. As a result, there’s only one person left on Serenity that she trusts, a man they call Jayne.*

A Mite Unpredictable

Set after Serenity, the life of the crew continues and changes as the past affects the present.*

A New Day Dawning

Months after Early’s visit, things begin to change. Secrets are revealed and feelings are born. Will the crew be able to handle an adult River, or more importantly, will Jayne?* I’m not entirely certain about this story. Parts of the

Coup de Grace

Sometimes all it takes is one swift blow, and all is lost, or won.* Sequel to Cuts Both Ways.

Cuts Both Ways

On a ship so small, eventually, someone is bound to find out. Especially if caution is thrown to the wind.* Sequel to Double-Edged Sword.

Double-Edged Sword

After a job goes wrong, a few things go right.*

Sketch In Three Moods

Simon’s annoyed, Simon’s aroused, Simon’s sad, and Mal is there for it all.*

Things That Haunt Us

They wake up together. They go to bed together. Oh yeah – and stuff happens in between.*


Simon, Kaylee, shower, ’nuff said.*

The Boy In the Box

Simon doesn’t pick up River on Persephone. Instead HE is put in the cryo-chamber.*


Sometimes learning to let go is just as hard as holding on.* Set after both the series and movie.

Simple Simon

Mal starts to self-destruct after Inara announces she’s leaving and Simon decided to intercede.*


Mal and Simon do a job together. What a big shock that nothing goes smooth.*

No Exit

Life is what is made of it, even in the black, through missions gone awry, pranks and unexpected affections.*


And finally…* Sequel to Terms of Surrender. Final in the series.

The Cure for a Bolt Action Heart

Mal comes back from his sale with platinum in his pocket and a pair of dirty stragglers tagging along behind him like dogs.*

None So Blind

An injury puts Mal out of commission and forces him to realize that sometimes you have to trust that even when you can’t crawl, there’s those that will carry you.*