Ray Kowalski loves hockey.*

Merry Go Round

“No, no.” Ray grabbed the phone out of Huey’s hand and slammed it back into its cradle. “Not that place. The other place.” *

Some Strange Prophecy

“This woman—she’s nuts. And she makes him nuts. You may think he’s nuts now, but you haven’t even begun to see what nuts is where Fraser’s concerned.” *

Enduring Distance

When my father asked me if I’d take in Holloway Muldoon, I said yes. Yes, of course, Dad. Most certainly. Delighted, in fact. If there was one perpetrator I wanted to see brought to justice, it was Mr. Holloway Muldoon.*

Some Strange Prophecy

“This woman—she’s nuts. And she makes him nuts. You may think he’s nuts now, but you haven’t even begun to see what nuts is where Fraser’s concerned.” *


There’s just over 200 miles from Chicago to Springfield…*

The Steadfast Tin Soldier

“Her voice is heavy from the medication and it makes her sound older. Older and drunk” –“looking for my father?” she’s saying and I take it like a punch. I’ve been taking those nonstop for almost twenty-four hours now; I

Ashes Ashes We All Fall Down

“They’re probably carrying every single thing they own, but it isn’t the efficiency of their packing skills that impresses me, it’s the way they work together. It’s like they have a playbook somewhere with things like the Dogsled pass and

East O the Sun, West O the Moon

“The telephone rings as I am buttoning my longjohns, flattening my good mood. No one but my inspector knows exactly where we are, and I think he would only call me out on a night like this, with the wind

Moment of Truth

Sort of a meandering journey.* Sequel to Slow Dancing.


Ray was wrapping a fish hook when Fraser opened the door and walked in, looking like the business end of a bar brawl.*


Fraser, Kowalski, and a case.*

Q & A

Partners means sharing.*

American Way

When crime victims are afraid of Canadians, Ray and Fraser have to do a little cultural exchange.*

True Colors

Sometimes eavesdroppers learn things that change their lives.*

Academic Punk

What the hell is this, an Austen novel?*


New follows old?

Wait Until Dim

A deranged psycho with an eye fixation is stalking Kowalski and people from Ray’s past. But Fraser’s stuck at the Consulate and can’t help. A thriller.*

Stained Glass Saint

When Ray’s little secret is spectacularly exposed in the course of his duty, he chooses to tell all to his partner. But Fraser’s reaction isn’t what Ray had imagined.*

The Graph Story

Ray is not actually graphing the history of his relationship with Fraser. That would be pathetic, and Ray is not pathetic. But if he was graphing it, even just in his own stressed-out, messed-up brain, it might look something like

Finding the Words

When luck finally runs out, who’s there to pick up the pieces?*

Dancing Bear

He didn’t care if the dance wasn’t a real Indian dance. Or if the guy wasn’t a real Indian. Or if the whole town folded up at night into a big vinyl suitcase.*

Sea Change

In which Fraser wins a raffle, Ray doubts his instincts, and Dief is barely mentioned.*

Can’t Stop Falling

Fraser returns to Chicago after a short holiday up north and finds a stranger in Vecchio’s place. Too bad it’s not Ray Kowalski.*

The Lovers We Were

Post Call of the Wild, Fraser has gone home and Ray can’t see the point of going on.*

The Bough That Breaks

After Fraser is badly beaten on a case, Ray takes care of him.*


Just what it says.*

Any Other Way

Ray Vecchio is forced to come to terms with a few things he’d rather not know.* Sequel to Working on Forever. Third in the series.

Working On Forever

“I follow Fraser up the stairs at a run.”* Sequel to Wildly Courteous Ways.

Wildly Courteous Ways

A new assignment has Ray worried until Fraser steps in to help.*