Glass Half Full

A transgenic family moves in to TC. They were former breeding partners, and they’re now raising their son together. Unlike Gem, the daddy didn’t ‘desert’ and they’re one big, happy, transgenic family. Using this family as a backdrop, Max sees

Her Own Kind

An embarrassing moment in Max’s life leads her to a realization about her relationship with Logan.* You’ll need to request this, but it is amazingly worth it.

May You Live In Interesting Times

Jensen’s hit by a curse when giving Sam and Dean a helping hand with a case. His life instantly turns… interesting and it really wasn’t all that dull to begin with.*

Test of Wills

“I’ve got doctors screaming at me to let them take you apart, see where this stubborn streak comes from, and I could do that. But I want you to do what I say. And remember it.”*

The Escort

To keep up appearnaces, Max seeks assistance. Searching for a backdoor to feed his greed, Alec finds curious employment. Two people who want nothing to do with love find that when love wants something to do with them, they don’t

The Carpe Felis Series

Nothing beats beating people at Crash, whether it be at pool, at drinking, or at life in general.*

The Hubbard Peak

He pretends it’s not just biology fucking them both.*


The cell is dank and mold grows in the cracks of the walls. Renfro’s smiles are sharp and brilliant through the bars.*

Then It Comes to Be

The Coming has arrived, and the transgenics and the familiars battle for control of Seattle.* This died when Geocities did, but if anyone know where I can find this again, pass it on.



Two sisters, old women gifted with dark Magic, look into the future. They see the human race weakened. They form an evil plan to have their families rule the world and rid it of inferior beings. But a dark shadow


Max needs help, Alec helps her.*


Manticore left one last little present.*

Jungle Fever, Her Own Kind, Fair Warning

You need to request permission for these due to the rating, but so very very worth it.*


She gave in to him once; she didn’t know how to do it again.*

Five Years

Max Guevera… X5-452… knew she’d made a mistake. A bad one. However, not being the kind of person to readily admit her own flaws, it had taken her a very long time (over a year in fact) for her to