Series || Beholder

Jared was passionate about the work he did with the animal shelter. Between that and living with Sandy, life was satisfactory. Until the cold night that the filthy, homeless man hidden in an oversized hoodie was dumped at the shelter

Slow Is Smooth

Prequel to Cheating Fairly.* IT’S BACK. This takes you to a megaupload for the PDF.

No Substitution

Jensen’s an Omega who’s never once felt the desire to bend over for an Alpha. Until he meets Jared.*


Things Jared likes about getting married include, but are not limited to: all the presents, sex whenever he wants it, not having to make up excuses to see Jensen everyday even when he doesn’t want sex (which, really, isn’t ever,

The Cop AU

Jensen’s a New York City detective working an undercover assignment when he meets Jared, the hooker with the heart of gold.*

The Lead Is Forward

Jared and Jensen go off to college. Turns out not everything is easy once the nightmare of high school ends.* Sequel to Caught In a Spin.

Series || Orbit Verse

Jared and Jensen are in love, have been for most of their lives. There is just one tiny little problem: Jensen is imaginary, and they can only be together in Jared’s dreams. How can Jared ever find true love in

Series || Alpha Pack

Jensen is the straight-laced by-the-book pack Alpha for the Dallas werewolves. Jared is a wild and reckless werewolf under house arrest and forced to take Jensen’s Beta collar. Will Jensen see beyond Jared’s wild ways to be his true mate;

Queensguard: Adjournment

“In the matter at hand, exact figures are impossible to ascertain. The Volunteers of the International Dragon Forces were never systematically counted during the war due in part to the fact that newly transformed dragons and other humans joined the

Series || A Kept Boy

A Kept Boy is an RPS AU involving slavery, abuse (adult and child) in all forms (verbal, physical, mental), inequalities of power, and dark, adult concepts regarding same. At heart, it’s a love story, but it goes through some bad,

Stop Shot

“Wereanimal!Jensen has been on his mating quest since he didn’t find his mate within his pack. It’s getting to a critical point where Jensen might go feral and claim his mate where ever and when ever he finds him. Jared

Series || Matrimony With His Majesty

A Texas cop saves the life of the king of Montovia and is rewarded.*

Sweet Home Texas

Based on the movie Sweet Home Alabama.*


Remake of the movie Pillow Talk but with Jared and Jensen in the spotlight.*

Anchor My Soul No More

Jensen Ackles has always gone for the unattainable, and this time he’s really in over his head. He’s fallen for Sam Winchester. Jared isn’t Sam, he knows this; but is Sam as fictional as he seems or did more than

Elysian Fields

It took him a moment to realize that the pounding wasn’t just his hangover, wasn’t just his brain trying to escape before the nightly tequila binges pickled it beyond repair, but someone knocking at his front door.*

Smile For Me, Baby

The thing about Jared is he likes a good challenge. He likes to be good at everything he does, and he loves to win. So when he starts to notice the difficulty in making Jensen Ackles grin like a damn

On Your Mark

Jared is a high-priced assassin working for an underground agency called Admin. When he starts shadowing his latest mark, he gets caught up in a situation beyond his control, and it’s up to him to keep the man he’s been

The Fanmix Series

Jensen is feeling a little more than insecure about his relationship with Jared.*

In a Brand New West

Jensen Ackles flies transport all by his lonesome – until the goddamn government agency that was supposed to find him Someone Special ends up finding him Jared Padalecki.*

The Love Shack ‘Verse

Jared gets a job at Hollywood Video and ends up falling for his manager.*

Got Ink?

Tattoos make Jared think of sex. So getting inked by a tattoo artist like Jensen might not be such a good idea after all.*

Don’t Let It Go to Waste

Growing up in Texas is hard. Growing up in Texas and realizing at the age of 16 that you’re in love with your male best friend? Is harder.*


Jensen stopped acting in 2ooo. He still runs into Jared.*

In One Easy Lesson

Jensen learns that sometimes things aren’t what they look like. Jared exposes his biggest secret. Jeff learns about letting go.*

Something To Think About

Here he was, in the backseat of a cab and inching along through a traffic jam back to his apartment, and he was not thinking about it.*


Jensen 4.1

On his way to sit his final exam, Jared comes across an escaped genetically engineered, injured man who soon turns his ordinary life upside down.*

And the Rest, As They Say, Is History

Struggling actor Jensen takes a job as big-shot movie star Jared Padalecki’s dogsitter. And the rest, as they say, is history.*