Would You Believe Me (if I said I didn’t need you)

Marengo Tower was the Tower for wayward Talents, those who had been sent to the edge of the galaxy to rot. It was a punishment duty, though of course no-one ever called it that. So how on Earth or off

Half Alive, But I Feel Mostly Dead

Gabe’s new microphone isn’t gold and William doesn’t sing with him anymore.*

Trust Me

The Jonas Brothers on Warped, but it wasn’t their idea.* YOU GUYS SERIOUSLY. I don’t even know who these Jonas Brother people are. HOW THE HELL AM I SO ATTACHED ALREADY?

Turn It Into Glory

William is quiet for a long time before he steps forward and gently pulls Cash’s hands from his own throat and brushes gentle fingertips over the flushed skin. “You think because you were made last that you don’t matter. That

Behind the Sea

“Heads up,” Gabe announces when he steps onto the bridge. “William saw an octopus.”*