Remember What You Started With (It Was Nothing At All)

Even when Ian awakes from unremarkable dreams to the familiar rumble of the road beneath their tires, he doesn’t really think much of the knowledge that Marshall is snuffling unconsciously into his shoulder.

Trust Me

The Jonas Brothers on Warped, but it wasn’t their idea.* YOU GUYS SERIOUSLY. I don’t even know who these Jonas Brother people are. HOW THE HELL AM I SO ATTACHED ALREADY?

All About the Benjamins

Brendon used to be sure that Bank of America was the most fucked up place he’d ever work in his entire life. Now? Now he’s three days into a position at First Star Savings Bank that’s further out in the


Follows Sublimation. Alex is totally afraid of aliens.*

The Best Thing Since Ducks

Brendon really loves his band. Unfortunately, they all have amazing, hot boyfriends.*

I’m Sorry I Can’t Help Asking It

“So,” Spencer says, and they all stare at him. “Pete’ll be in touch.”*

Pink for a Reason

Brendon and Haley are the biggest gossips on tour, best known for their stealthy, ninja-like song-writing abilities.* Sequel to The Best Thing Since Ducks.

Never Easier

“I am cold,” Cash announces. “I am so fucking cold.”*

I Give In, I Give Up

And so begins Alex’s Eternal Hatred and Disdain towards everything Cash Colligan.*

seven days of singer: day six

They finally go out on their first tour with an actual bus, and Cash is totally ruining it by acting way too strangely.*

The Hammond Affair

A geneticist, a paleontologist, an advertising executive, a geologist, and a doctor all walk into a bar. Or rather, a tropical island. What do they all have in common?*

Turn It Into Glory

William is quiet for a long time before he steps forward and gently pulls Cash’s hands from his own throat and brushes gentle fingertips over the flushed skin. “You think because you were made last that you don’t matter. That

These Are the Best Days of Our Life

High School AU. Alex doesn’t know why everyone at her high school wants Cash. Sure, she gets that he’s charming, if you like brash arseholes. And he’s not horrible looking, though those tattoos are in a class of their own.*