Back Up Plan

What if things had really come to a head at the end of The Sentinel Too? And what if Blair had a back up plan?*

Taming of the Shrew

Jim and Blair settle into their new jobs with the SGC but soon find themselves in a battle for Earth.* Sequel to Comedy of Errors and Measure for Measure.

The Sentinel School

Sequel to A Gathering of Sentinel. A series of vignettes about the Sentinel school.*

Measure for Measure

This picks up right where Comedy of Errors leaves off, which means the SGC need Jim and his guide, Blair.* Sequel to Comedy of Errors.

Comedy of Errors

A trip to Cascade results in confusion, illumination, and smiles all around.*

Puzzle Pieces

In two other realities, Jim, Blair, Jack, and Daniel have to live with the sorrowful consequences of life. Then circumstances put them all face-to-face again.*


A Jim Ellison from an alternate reality comes through a wormhole, looking for this Earth’s Sandburg.*