Anchor My Soul No More

Jensen Ackles has always gone for the unattainable, and this time he’s really in over his head. He’s fallen for Sam Winchester. Jared isn’t Sam, he knows this; but is Sam as fictional as he seems or did more than

The College AU

Jared meets his roommate and dives into college life.* Sequel series to the Highschool AU.


Something’s thrown everything out of balance. Trick is to fix it without screwing up, or maybe ending the world.*

Jared and Dean’s Adventures in Monster-killin’, Sam-retrievin’, and Sexual Confusion

Jared could play along with this. He could pretend to be Sam. No problem, he did that all the time.*

Many Worlds

“Leave me alone, Jared,” he slurs. The headache, thank fuck, is relaxing its vicious band around his temples, and he can think again. A little bit. “And stop calling me Dean.”*


Sam finds a way to save Dean’s soul and his own.*