Step Eight

Mikey came awake to the buzzing of his pelvis and the annoyed realization that he’d clearly fallen asleep on his phone. He pulled it up, peered at the screen and noticed the time first. Three oh seven. Normally, that would

Along the Wire

Bob might not remember why he decided to try to out-hardcore someone who was hit by a bus and remained conscious, but he’s totally invested in it now. And if Ronon just thought about it, he’d see just how badass

Heavy Connection

Bob meets Ronon in an emergency room in Colorado. That fact…yeah, says something about the both of them when you consider that it was a tragic accident involving a sander, some duct tape, and one of Gerard’s shoes that landed

Lines of Communication

Bob finds out what Ronon does for a living.* Follows Along the Wire and Heavy Connection.


So he knows it is a quantum mirror.* Follows Supersaturation, Solvations, and Enthalpy.


Follows Sublimation. Alex is totally afraid of aliens.*


Rodney is sort of angered beyond all possible comprehension at the new batch of scientists.*


Dimensions splintered out in countless permutations, Frank knew this.* Companion to Solvation.


It’s possible, maybe, that the whole thing is Brendon’s fault.* Follows Supersaturation.

An Inexplicable Occurence of Tentacles

There are a lot of things John hates about his job. He hates the Wraith. He hates the Replicators. He hates losing people. He hates it when villagers who have only just worked their way up to inventing gunpowder shoot